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The Samsung Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor offers a captivating and immersive user experience where gaming meets extraordinary visuals and brilliant technology. With its stunning WQHD resolution, rapid refresh rate, lightning-fast response time, and advanced features such as AMD FreeSync Premium and HDR10, this monitor delivers exceptional performance and visuals. Combine all of these features with its futuristic design, and you have a gaming monitor that is not only highly functional but also a visually striking centerpiece for your gaming setup. Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with the Samsung Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor.

Stunning WQHD: Prepare to be captivated by stunning WQHD resolution, delivering an unparalleled level of lifelike detail and immersive gaming experiences. With a substantial amount of pixel density, this monitor presents incredibly sharp and vibrant images, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your gaming world.

High Refresh Rate: Say goodbye to lag and motion blur with the Odyssey G5's ultra-fast 165 Hz refresh rate. This remarkable feature ensures that even the most intense and fast-paced scenes are displayed smoothly, giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to conquer enemies with precision and ease. Experience the thrill of super-quick visuals and enjoy a gaming experience like never before.

Quick Response Time: The 1 ms response time of the Odyssey G5 is a game-changer. React swiftly and precisely to any situation, as every move you make is instantly translated on-screen. With this lightning-fast response time, you can spot enemies and take action before they even have a chance to react. Your reflexes and skills can be complemented by the monitor's performance, resulting in a seamless and fluid gaming experience.

AMD FreeSync Premium Technology: Takes your gameplay to the next level. Say goodbye to screen tearing, stuttering, and input lag as this advanced feature synchronises the monitor's refresh rate with your graphics card. This allows for smooth gameplay that allows you to focus on the action and stay fully engaged in every moment. With low framerate compensation, every scene flows seamlessly, providing a consistently immersive experience.

Truly Realistic HDR: With HDR10 technology, game scenes come to life with an awe-inspiring array of shades and colours. From deep dark blacks to luminous whites, every detail is brought to the forefront, unveiling secrets that were previously hidden in the shadows. Immerse yourself in vivid and lifelike graphics that enhance your gaming experience and leave you in awe.

Exceptional Design: Not only does the Odyssey G5 excel in performance, but it also boasts a futuristic design that can impress both gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. Its stylish game-style UI adds a touch of sophistication, while the borderless design enhances your viewing experience by minimising distractions. The clean back further adds to the monitor's sleek and modern aesthetic, making it a standout addition to any gaming setup.



Model Name
  • LS27AG550EWXXL
  • Odyssey G5
  • Black
  • 68.58 cm (27 inch) LED Display
Panel Type
  • VA Panel
  • 2560 x 1440 pixels
Screen Resolution Type
Sales Package
  • 1 Unit Monitor, Power Cable, HDMI Cable
Screen Form Factor
  • Curved

Display Features

Maximum Refresh Rate
  • 165 Hz (Analog)
Aspect Ratio
  • 16:9
Response Time
  • 1 ms
  • 300 nits (2D)

Power Features

Power Requirement
  • AC 100 - 240 V


Samsung 27" G5 WQHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor

₹28,900.00 Regular Price
₹23,000.00Sale Price
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